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Helping people become their own health experts

CMT Lotus Fitness is a virtual fitness business that gives women, dancers and other athletes the tools to succeed on their health and fitness journey no matter where they are!

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The 6 month Transformation Program

01. We start with the assessment

Everyone is at a different stage in their journey, and, a health and fitness journey looks different for everyone, so the first step is to assess where you are in yours so we can provide the most value. You'll get results faster and start living the healthier life you want sooner.

02. We deliver a solution

In a transformation program you receive fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching. All programs are tailored to the individual so the solution will be catered to fit where you are now, and where you want to be.

03. Develop habits

You will develop sustainable healthy habits so you can achieve your goals while feeling your best. No crash diets, no long periods of time spent in the gym. Just healthy habits that will bring you to your goals.

04. Achieve Lasting Results

By developing healthier habits you will be able to maintain your results long term. No more yo-yoing. A transformation, should be enjoyable, sustainable and results-driven. We’re here to help you achieve that.


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Get Organized with our Meal Prep Planner

Make your meal prep easier and organized with our meal prep planner!

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  • I've tried so many different diets and online workouts... how is this different?

  • If I'm trying to lose weight , am I going to be starving?

  • Is it normal to feel back pain/my back working when training my glutes?

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Meet Chantal

Picture of Chantal, the owner of CMT Lotus Fitness

Hi! My name is Chantal and I am the Owner of CMT Lotus Fitness!

I started CMT Lotus Fitness with a passion for helping women reach their health and fitness goals so they feel more confident, fit and energized! I help my clients reach their goals in a manner that doesn't include fat diets or quick fixes. I coach my clients by helping them implement healthier habits into their routine to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that they love and feel in control of!

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