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Last updated March 2023

Welcome to cmtlotusfitness.com. This website is owned and operated by Chantal Thibodeau, a sole proprietor, who engages in coaching, and promotion of holistic wellness and fitness served remotely.

By visiting this website, and using the services, you agree to complete any forms necessary to fill out to participate in events, programs, and services honestly and accurately. You are not permitted to engage in any illegal activity on or to this website. When purchasing services, you agree to the terms and conditions on this webpage.

CMT Lotus Fitness reserves the rights to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Visiting this page regularly is encouraged.

CMT Lotus Fitness reserves the right to terminate any services provided through the website at any time or terminate the use of users who are engaging in this site inappropriately, illegally or is in violation of the terms and conditions on this page.

You must send a message to contact the business through the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website to purchase any programs offered. You may purchase resources, courses and memberships on the website. CMT Lotus Fitness reserves the right to discontinue the offering of a service at any time.

The minimum age to purchase services on this site is 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age you must have fully expressed permission by a parent or legal guardian prior to contacting us about the services you inquire.  

Website Use Terms and Conditions

As a user of this website, you agree to report any possible violations of the agreement by anyone using the site. CMT Lotus Fitness reserves the rights to remove any comments you submit to public display or any possible violations of the law.

As a user of this site, you agree to provide honest and correct information that is not misleading neither to the business or other users of this website. If any of the information you provide to the business changes, you will notify the business immediately with the correct information.

As a user of this site, you agree to no commercial soliciting or marketing of any kind. Users of this site agree to not use the online chat messaging system to store, copy, relay, send or distribute spam. You may not send any spam, chain messages, or junk email to this business or anyone using this site or services.

As a user of this site, you agree to not use any of the information or services of this site in means of selling or advertising. On any platform linked to this site (cmtlotusfitness.com, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) you agree to not sell or advertise any services. As a user of this site you agree to not use any other clients information in any way through any Facebook/social media, Slack or Whatsapp group you join through the business. As a user of this site, you agree to not harass, pressure or threaten the business employees or owners that are providing this website and providing services to you.  

All data and content, in any form on this website, is solely the intellectual property rights of Chantal Thibodeau. Users of this site may not in any way alter or modify any of the content on this website. Any downloads from this site are for personal use only.

In the case that third-party products are added to this site in no way is Chantal Thibodeau or any of the people at the company of that product liable for any problem arising from that product or anything that relates to the product (description, contents, etc.).  In no way is Chantal Thibodeau or any of the company's associates responsible for any loss, damage, or harm caused from information obtained through this site or using the product overall. It is your responsibility to gather the information you need before using a product/service prior to, and to evaluate at your own discretion if the product or service is right for you. If a third-party product/service is added the company it belongs to owns the rights and copyrights to that product/service.

You may not use any pages from this site or anything from the social media pages of Chantal Thibodeau or CMT Lotus Fitness for sale, reproduction, copying, resale, or other commercial purposes without prior consent by the owner.

CMT Lotus Fitness reserves the right to remove or change any website pages on this site at any time with no prior notice. CMT Lotus Fitness reserves the right to change any pricing structure, amount or services/products offered that we choose without prior notice.

As a user of this website, you agree to provide CMT Lotus Fitness with emails, phone number, credit card number, and any other information that belongs to you, and you agree to not to use fake information or someone else’s information.

Using the Discount Opportunities

Discounts offered through CMT Lotus Fitness cannot be overlapped. Discounts cannot be used past their end date. No exceptions.

Refund Policy

Following the Ontario Consumer Protection Act, 2002, we allow a 10-day cooling off period. This means with all of our coaching programs, you are eligible for a full refund up to 10-days after registering for your program. The 10 days begins the day of registration. After the 10-days expires we follow a 50/50 refund model plus a $50 (fifty dollar) cancellation policy. This means that after the 10 day period you must pay half (50%) of the amount stated on the Program Agreement that you have signed plus a$50 (fifty dollar) cancellation fee.  

Return policies will be clearly labelled in the Program Agreement assigned to the program the client purchases. Please ask any questions you have to the coach before the purchase of any coaching. Programs are most effective when completed in entirety, for maximal results clients should complete their program to their best capabilities. Failure to complete a program will reduce or eliminate the program's intentions.

In all programs/services offered through CMT Lotus Fitness your coach has the right to terminate the continuation of your program if the coach feels that the program is not benefiting both parties (both the client and the coach). If your coach terminates your program, you no longer have to pay the cancelation fee nor follow the 50/50 cancelation rule. Your coach decides your new program end date with both parties interest in mind. This rule applies to all programs offered through CMT Lotus Fitness. As a client of CMT Lotus Fitness you understand and agree to the coaches right to terminate your program if the coach sees that that the program is not of benefit to both parties (the client and the coach).

If you have any questions about what is included, or not included, in any of the programs offered on this website, please do not hesitate to reach out, we will always give you an honest answer so you can see what the best option is for you.

Programs and Services

All programs and services on this website are for personal use only. Any programs or services on this website may not be re-sold or transferred without prior written consent by CMT Lotus Fitness.

CMT Lotus Fitness reserves the rights to cancel any programs if it appears to be fraudulent or of inappropriate nature. Prices and promotions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.


Chantal Thibodeau is not a medical doctor, licensed nutritionist, dietician, nor has she had any of the licenses in the past. She is a Certified Personal Training Specialist, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Glute Specialist, Certified Bodybuilding Specialist, Certified Transformation Specialist, Certified Yoga Instructor all through ISSA and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Chantal Thibodeau is a Licensed Zumba®️ Instructor. Chantal Thibodeau will work in her scope of practice and when working with clients, will refer them to licensed practitioners when needed.

The information shared on this website is to serve as an informational resource as inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle. The information provided on this website is through personal experience, information learned in schooling and certification courses and enthusiastic research in the fields discussed.

As a user of this website, purchasing any courses or resources or by registering for a coaching program, you agree that you have had clearance from your doctor to begin a new exercise or nutritional routine.  Any new journey is not without risk. Clients are encouraged to take all the safety measures possible to ensure a positive experience in the program you choose. If the client experiences difficult or confusing emotions throughout a program, the client is encouraged to seek the help of a licensed therapist as soon as possible.

The owner and creator of this business and site holds no responsibility or liability for any action you choose to take, or not to take based on the information on this site, obtained in a coaching program, in the membership portal or in any resources purchased through this website. The business and owner cannot guarantee the outcome of following the general recommendations found on this site. The information found on this website, and on social media platforms, should not be taken as medical advice. Before adhering to any lifestyle changes you should always first consult your doctor. General recommendations may not be suitable for every individual, since everyone is different and has their own situations, it is recommended to always consult your doctor. You should not use any of the information on this site as a means of treatment for diagnosis, injury or disease.

There may be recommendations to visit other sites or products from third-party businesses on this site. Chantal Thibodeau cannot guarantee any outcomes from following or using the products of the third-party business. By following any recommendations found on this site, social media pages related to this site, in a coaching program, in a resource purchased on this site, or any sites/pages recommended, you hold CMT Lotus Fitness or Chantal Thibodeau harmless and not responsible for any harm, loss or damage.  

At all times if there is an affiliate relationship between Chantal Thibodeau and a third-party entity, or if Chantal Thibodeau receives an incentive for the purchase of an affiliate product, she will let consumers know of such a relationship.


Payments for programs and services from CMT Lotus Fitness are made through direct deposit/E-transfer, stripe (if using this website to make a payment), or Square (if purchasing a coaching program at a monthly rate or paying for a product/service in person). CMT Lotus Fitness or Chantal Thibodeau cannot be held liable for any breach of security or protocol by the third-party entities and by using these methods of payment. You agree that you will only pursue those directly involved in the breach of your information, and will hold CMT Lotus Fitness or Chantal Thibodeau harmless in the event that a breach occurs.


If you provide Chantal Thibodeau with a testimonial and allow your information such as your story and name to be posted on this website or any social media page you release her of any liability for your own public disclosure. If you share a testimonial and wish for it to be removed from the area it was posted, you will allow up to 7 business days for the removal.

Acknowledgement of the Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any services offered on the website, cmtlotusfitness.com, and by using this website, you agree to and are bound to the terms of use and terms and conditions of this website.  

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of this website you agree to the Privacy Policy in the next tab.

Privacy Policy

Last updated March 2023

Please look through this document carefully. CMT Lotus Fitness reserves the rights to change and update the Privacy Policy on this webpage at any time with no prior notice so it is recommended you look at this document regularly. Your personal details will never be shared or sold. Your information will never be shared with anyone and is securely stored.

Your privacy is very important to us and we ensure that your information will not be shared. By using this site and the programs and services it offers, you agree to the Privacy Policy terms of use. Your name, email address, and phone number may be used to reach you for initial inquiries, and registration for programs and services.

Any personal data provided by someone under the age of 18 requires expressed consent from a parent or caregiver prior to sending their information.

Use of the Information you provide

The information collected by CMT Lotus Fitness includes your name, phone number address and email. This information is used to sign you up for programs, sign up for our membership program, and/or to contact you about questions or interest in the programs you have expressed interest in. Your email will be used if you sign up to subscribe to the email list. By subscribing to the email list you agree to receive emails from CMT Lotus Fitness on a regular basis. We will not spam you. The email newsletter is intended to share helpful information, and to alert you of any events, deals or news from the business.

Contact Terms

Chantal Thibodeau may contact you through telephone or email about the programs/services offered on this site, or if there is an issue with your registration to any program or service.

Chantal Thibodeau will contact you through email answering questions about the services offered, registration for the services, reminders for appointments, or if you signed up for the newsletter. You will never be spammed by this business. You have the option to unsubscribe from our emails at any time. Your information will never be shared with other clients or contacts of the business.  

By using this site you agree that if required by law, we can reveal the information provided if requested from the law enforcement or any process that is legal, to protect against your safety and the safety of others in the case of violence or threats to yours or others safety. We have the right to protect against Abuse Victims. We have the right, but not the obligations to disclose any information you provide to authorities that are suitable for dealing with such problems. Any form of abuse is considered in the rights to protect. Suitable authorities include child protection, law enforcement, or court officials. You agree to and understand our rights to this kind of disclosure of information.

The business does not collect or store your payment information. Unless stated otherwise all the information the business has about you and your account applies to the terms and Privacy Policy on this webpage.

Your privacy rights

You have the right to update or modify the personal information you have provided to CMT Lotus Fitness.

As a business we collect as little information possible to provide you with the best service possible. At any time you have the rights to ask us to delete your information from our system.

If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy of this website please direct them to cmtlotusfitness@gmail.com.

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